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Good recs! The lovely anon might also try Chasing Aphrodite: similar to Loot but with more focused on the gory details of the getty scandal. Or perhaps The Man Who Made Vermeers, biography of a forger working during WWII.

I’ve never read that book! I LOVE details on the Getty scandals though, so I’ll definitely have to check it out. Have you ever read Rogue’s Gallery by Michael Gross? It’s about the Met and I assume it is similar to Chasing Aphrodite. I haven’t had a chance yet but it’s on my vacation reads list!

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Survey art history classes are the classes art history majors try to avoid taking until they absolutely have to, because yes, too much memorization of dates.

Jealous. Surveys were the prereqs to all the higher level/more interesting art history courses at my school, so I endured a lot of bitter cold long afternoons in dark rooms memorizing fucking Attic pottery. I FUCKING HATE ATTIC POTTERY.


New vid! Premiered in VividCon Challenge 2013.

Ghosts That We Knew
vidder: trelkez
source: Merlin (BBC)
music: Mumford & Sons
download: 80MB XviD

"Just promise me we’ll be all right." Arthur/Merlin. 

I’m so glad I watched this because before I watched this I wasn’t a sobbing wreck and now I am. Thanks trelkez. Thanks a lot.

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Hello anon, I also hate tumblr with the fire of a thousand suns! This is the most useless and complicated form of communication! Baffling why when there is dreamwidth and twitter and smoke signals, fandom would have gravitated toward this — the most useless of all! Ha ha!

Art history classes are not for everyone, or at least survey art history classes aren’t for everyone, it’s too heavily weighted toward slide IDs and white paper reading, not enough discussion or analysis, I think. I really loved them, but I’m like a higher level of nerd on this topic.

ANYWAY! More to your question on books about art similar to Loot! 

  • Provenance, by Laney Salisbury and Aly Sujo, about art con men and forgers and how deep their influence goes in the space of modern art. How deep? There are probably still hundreds of fakes hanging in museums and private collections thanks to these folks.
  • Sleuth by Philip Mould, about his work sourcing lost masterpieces, specifically “art sleuthing,” where Mould (who you might recognize from the BBC version of Antiques Roadshow) rolls the dice on a painting he feels strongly about, and then has it re-authenticated and cleaned — it’s work that sometimes doesn’t come to anything, and sometimes uncovers lost old masters at country auctions. Really fantastic stuff. If you like this book, you should also try to find the BBC show Fake or Fortune? which my mother and I watched all of it in sitting, every episode. Because we have a sickness.

Also, apologies! I know this is crazy long overdue, but hopefully not the 12 months you had feared.

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I sort of had a stroke on twitter on the way to work this morning, and brought Pru and like five other people down with me whoops

Never regret giving me this joy.


I sort of had a stroke on twitter on the way to work this morning, and brought Pru and like five other people down with me whoops

Never regret giving me this joy.

Batman: The Animated Series was the only Batman I ever liked, to be honest.

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Anonymous said: Have you seen the kdrama Let's Eat? Aka slow motion food porn...

I have seen pieces of it! The food porn is gorgeous but nothing else about that show interests me at all, so it’s always kind of a slog to get through episodes.

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ofsevenseas said: Hey, since you're pretty intense about food, have you seen the documentary series on Chinese food? (It's called 舌尖上的中国.) I think you'd enjoy it!

YES! I love that series. It is GORGEOUS and MESMERIZING and it makes me SO FUCKING HUNGRY.

For anyone who hasn’t seen it, it’s online on YouTube here or on CCTV here where they’re subtitled in English. If all you’ve known of Chinese food is the shitty takeout drowning in brown sauce from buffets and takeouts, check out this series to get a better look at what Chinese food and cooking is really about.

Also this is perfectly timed to go in on my ranting about the cultural importance of food from last week’s Female Gaze episode on cooking here

Anonymous said: I don't want to open a floodgate of Kmovie recs but Finding Kim Joong Wook is one of my all time favorite movies period. Gong Yoo is an adorable nerd and there is an emergency musical number.

Gong Yoo is totally delightful! I will have to check this out.